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Updated on Tuesday, July 21


QUESTION: For busy university students who are trying to lose fat and build muscle? How the hell do you do it? What do you eat in a day? How do you make time for it?


  1. You can't do both at once (exception for juicing). You can lose fat while minimizing muscle loss by running a calorie deficit while running high protein and fats levels with lower (not zero or anything stupidly low) carbs. You can build muscle by eating calorie surpluses with high carbs and high protein

  2. I agree with #1. I lost the fat first and now i'm trying to tone my body

    I'm 5"3', a girl and 105-110lbs now
    I lost 30 lbs and gained a lot more muscle in 7 months by changing my diet and exercising

    1) I did a water diet where I cut out all drinks that would have sugar in it so I only drank water or tea. I allowed myself to drink pop and alcohol only when I go to parties

    2) Less carbs (but not no carbs) and eat smaller proportions (but don't starve yourself). Eat more sides instead of rice/noodles/pasta/bread/potato

    3) Don't eat late at night (3-4 hrs before bed)

    4) Eat less to no fatty foods (fast food, junk food, desserts, etc)

    5) Last term I played badminton for 2-3 hrs for 1-2 times a week

    6) Walked to school instead of busing (10-15 mins) and taking the stairs at school when possible

    7) I have never worked out in my life before and I started working out since mid May. I go to the gym for 1-3 hrs for 3-6 times a week. Usually start off with 5-10 mins of cardio and the rest is usually weights and core exercises.Adding occasionally swims to the workout is a huge plus

    8) I take protein supplements after I workout. Don't go for the cheap ones; those have lots of sugar fillers that don't benefit your body

    I lost 20 lbs doing #1-6 and lost another 10 lbs after I started working out at the gym. It seems like a lot of work, but trust me ... I've never been happier with my body. Used to think working out was boring and time consuming; i'd prefer to play sports than do something so repetitive and stationary. I used to think going to the gym was a waste of time and I was just too lazy.

    It's now become addicting; trying to beat personal records and feeling good about myself. I can see my body's transformation and it feels amazing to get compliments from others about my body. It really helped having friends that already frequently go to the gym. Going to the gym to see them was a huge incentive for me and a bonus from going to the gym. My friends taught me things I could do at the gym and did workouts with me at the beginning.

    So if you don't have time to work out right now, simply try changing your diet or little things like walking to/from school (which might only take an extra 10 mins of your time). Then slowly incorporate 1 hr workouts, etc

    You just need the right motivation and the right push. Good luck!

    1. I really miss living closer to the school. I could always get a 15-20 minute way in after class or work. Now, I live around an hour walk away so it's not always practical.

    2. @ 2.

      Nice job!

  3. I'm gonna disagree with 1 on this one. To lose fat and build muscle (body recomposition) you need to eat around 200 calories under your maintenance, while maintaining high protein in you diet.

    The 200 calories will come from burning body fat, and the high protein will allow you to maintain elevated muscle protein synthesis levels. This, combined with lifting will allow you to lose fat and build muscle.

    As for making time for it, three days a week(ex. M,W,F) is all u need. I'm not gonna type the reasons behind that because I'm on my phone and I hate typing long answers on my phone. If you are interested check out Casey butt on or something, he knows his stuff

  4. I am building muscle and losing fat. I skip breakfast most days (this has always been normal for me) then have a salad for lunch, and a protein heavy meal for dinner. I aim to get at least 100g of protein a day and drink a shake if I am under. I go to the climbing gym every other night for two hours. It is building mostly upper body muscles which is good for me because I carry my weight on my waist and legs. I've lost 8 pounds this summer, but I have gained a lot of muscle and I am noticeably thinner.

    1. 100 g only? are you a girl? and how much do you weigh?

    2. I'm not 4 but I'm a guy and weight ~180lbs. I don't count macros myself but I tried out a food tracking app a few weeks ago and it gave me 97g of protein goal for my weight loss plan. Pretty sure 100g is reasonable for someone trying to lose weight.