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Updated on Wednesday, July 15


QUESTION: How much is your phone plan? What do you get and who are you with?


  1. Virgin Mobile. Around $85 for two people, with caller ID. Free evening calls.

  2. I'm with Wind, living in the GTA. It's ~32$/month for unlimited data, texting, local calls.

    I can't believe how good it is. It was a back to school special, but they have similar ones pretty often. As of last year I finally get reception in Waterloo.

  3. I'm with Rogers. $80/mth gets me 500mb and unlimited calls, caller ID and voicemail. My contract ends in October- can't wait to switch! Rogers is a rip off.

  4. Fido: $50/month, unlimited calling and text, 1 GB, voice-mail, caller ID, Canada-wide roaming.

  5. $45 unlimited everything canada wide

  6. I'm on a wind plan, pay $40 for unlimited data, texting, and calling. Coverage at UW is pretty decent, but you don't get anything indoors, but I can't afford $80 a month with someone else.

  7. I'm with wind, but the 3G is slow sometimes (LTE isn't offered for iPhones for some reason). My service is a bit spotty sometimes, and if I'm out in the country I can kiss my service goodbye completely, but in the city it's fine, and it's only $35/month

    1. I believe I have the same plan as 7
      no contract unless you get a phone with them

      - unlimited data
      - unlimited incoming
      - unlimited canada wide calling
      - unlimited texting
      - unlimited Canada/US-wide Picture/Video Messaging
      - Call forwarding, Caller ID, Conference calling, Missed Call alerts
      - Voicemail

      coverage depends on the area. waterloo is ok and most of the GTA. 4G/Data is slow in downtown Toronto. I lose reception when I'm travelling between Waterloo to the GTA and we're crossing the smaller towns. But other than that I think this plan is totally worth it.Even if you lose reception, roaming texts are only 5-15 cents per text