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Updated on Monday, July 6


QUESTION: I have a friend who often does this: he's always asking people's ethnicities, and when he finds out they're of German descent, for example, he'll start spewing random German phrases that he knows, in an obliviously enthousiastic manner.
I have witnessed this several times and can see that people are put off by it and don't know how to react, and I understand the uncomfortableness because it happens to me often as a Chinese Canadian, for example: person: "where are you from?" me: "I'm from Canada :)" person: "...but where are you froooom?" Me: "uhhh well my parents are from China, but I've lived in Canada my whole life." Person: "ohhhh... NI HAO!!! : D" me: "...............ha...ha...."
So my question is, how can I explain to him that people generally do not find this amusing? I can't seem to put it into words exactly why it's uncomfortable, can someone help me out? Thanks !


  1. It's nice if someone is trying to speak to you in your native dialect and also speaking to natives is the best way to brush up the linguistic skills. However, I totally understand what you're getting at here. It's cool when people ask you for phrases in different languages (hey, how do you order coffee in Spanish?) but it IS kinda annoying when they throw random sentences at you. It's like English speaking Canadians going abroad for exchange or whatever and people come up and say "Chair!" "Marshmallow!" "Anaconda!" to them. Just..dont do it. Please.

  2. "where are you from"
    "ohhhh... HEIL HITLER!!! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN!"
    "...... ha... ha...."

  3. The natives in "Canada" are technically the Aboriginals. Get my drift?
    Use reverse psychology. Ask about their background and make them uncomfortable. Rinse and repeat.

  4. "where are you from"
    "ohhhh... Get to the chopper!"
    "...... ha... ha...."