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Updated on Monday, July 6


QUESTION: Have you dealt with discrimination at UW? Provide details if you're comfortable in doing so.


  1. This was weird for me but once after going to Dallas I went home with a really country girl, like family owns a farm in prairies or something, we were having sex and she kept calling me the n-word. I'm brown but I guess we're all the same to her or she didn't know better. I think she got off on the idea of having sex with someone who she thought was black and would say some weird racisty stuff. Do I think she was racist? Not at all but she got off on some weird racisty stuff.

  2. A girl wouldn't go out with me because I'm ugly. Damn uglophobes.

  3. In first year, they didn't let me join the UW Korean Club because I'm not Korean (I'm white).