OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, July 2


QUESTION: Who here owns a large dog? Is having a car a must? Where do you walk it/take it out to play? I'm thinking of adopting one but don't know if it's feasible while I'm still in school full time.


  1. I'm a full time student and I live with a large dog (& two cats). I've found it to be really manageable because I make sure that my schedule allows for a big mid-day gap (so I can check in on them).

    I don't own a car personally, so I made sure that their vets are in walking distance. And so far I haven't had any issues with that. In cases of emergencies I just ask my friends who own cars for a ride. That only happened once and it was a 3 minute car ride so it was cool.

    I try to keep my dog away from main roads and crowded areas because he's rather anxious. So I tend to walk him around the block and take him to Victoria Park on nicer days. My building has a dog park, so he can roam around in a pen with other dogs.

    Also one of my friends really loves my dog, so whenever I get caught up on campus he's always down to take my dog out. It would be great if you had a backup person like that just in case. Plus, my dog is crate trained so if I do run late I know that he wont harm himself/wreck the place.

    Good on you for adopting and not shopping!

    1. Wow. thanks for your detailed answer. Really appreciate it!