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Updated on Thursday, July 2


QUESTION: I hope anyone here can help me out with the following situation: I recently submitted a petition for exception to academic regulations for this past Winter term, (2015) as I did not do well due too external reasons such as family problems and many other external situations which made it very tough for me to concentrate fully on my studies during that term. I submitted the petition in May as my advisor advised me to do so, and just today, almost 6 weeks after submitting it I received an emall from our undergraduate coordinator saying that the associate dean would like to meet with me on campus to discuss my petition.

So, i just wanted to know if anyone has been thru this process or have any knowledge on what i can expect when i go in for the meeting.. Since they took this long and have still not made a decision and the fact the dean has requested to meet with me, does this mean they are considering accepting the petition? Or if not, what could it mean.. and what can i expect.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to give any experience or knowledge they have of this situation. Thanks so much. 


  1. the biggest advice i can give you is make sure to have tangible printouts of all the documentation you may have related to your petition to present on demand. they will likely ask you why you feel you deserve a repreive, and simply want to know more information on if the reprieve is truly deserved to be granted (and maybe also be like why didn't you send all these documents in the first place?)
    this includes documents from a professional (i.e. a doctor, a counsellor, psychiatrist) that display that you were experiencing extenuating circumstances during the time. if your family has anything similar that they can bolster (i.e. they were ill and their doctor can provide you with something, etc.), be sure to get that too.
    if you also saw an academic advisor during your struggles, you can ask for their statement of support too.

    not sure what else to tell you as i've never made a formal petition before, but i've had my fair share of struggles and all the documentation that i've had, as well as the support of my doctors and my counsellor, really helped me out!
    good luck, and all the best!

  2. Sounds like they're on the fence about a decision and want to meet with you and discuss it further before making any final decision? When I submitted my petition it took about a month, but they got back to me and granted it without having to meet with me. However, we might be in different faculties (I'm in science) so maybe yours might be different.

    I'm assuming you handed in all your supporting documentation with the petition when you first submitted it, but just some talking points to prepare yourself before you go:
    - what happened
    - how that affected your academic performance
    - what you'd like to see as a result of this petition
    - what steps are you taking to move forward / try to prevent this from happening again (if applicable, if it's something like a death in the family that's not controllable, but if it's an on-going family issue how are you planning on dealing should this come up again in a later term)

    Personally I feel like they either need more information from you and have some follow up questions, or they're not sure how to grant the petition. (Example, say you failed 2 out of 5 classes and just want those 2 removed from your transcript, they might be hesitant since you still managed to do well in the other 3.)

    Good luck with your meeting!