OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, June 24


QUESTION: Anyone else scared about the future?


  1. cause of isis and muslim crazies? yes!

  2. economic meltdown soon?

  3. the aliens are already here
    enjoy the ride

  4. Very much so. For a lot of reasons, but the environment worries me the most. I think the problems are worse than anticipated, and things are cropping up in ways no one expected. Did you see the video of that huge sinkhole in Lousiana, where the salt dome they'd been mining startet to collapse? Things like that.

  5. I'm so freaking scared about global warming and how messed up the climate will be when I'm old and feeble. Water and oil are going to run out eventually and I'm afraid that the world superpowers will turn to warfare. The extinction of honey bees also freak me out since they pollinate a large proportion of our food source.

    I'm also looking forward to a lot of good things as well, like a more progressive society for women, LGBT, racial minorities, and immigrants; technological advancements; and the liberation of N. Korea. The last one might not be great, but it's like 1984 in N. Korea and people need to be free.