OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, June 24


QUESTION: For those who lived in V1, how is the food there? Do they have a salad bar? How is it for vegetarians? How healthy is it? Will I gain the freshman 15?


  1. everything is either deep fried or pre-made frozen stuff other than eggs.

  2. lol some people gain the freshman 15, while others dont. It really depends on you and your eating habits. Just watch what you eat. I'm losing the 15 right now during the summer.

  3. Freshman 15 is mostly from suddenly having control over your life where you didn't before. If you stick to schedule, exercise a bit, and don't gorge you'll be just fine. Its the 2am feasts, complete lack of adequate sleep, and drinking that does people in.

  4. I actually lost weight during my first year in V1 because I wasn't used to having so much freedom. Also my building wasn't connected to the main building like the other quads, which made getting food during winter an inconvenience (was so jealous of seeing others walking through the cafe in just their pjs vs me all bundled up in winter gear).

  5. I lived at REV, but the food is pretty much the same as V1. Here's a quick overview of what to expect:

    PORTIONS. Portions are unisex so guys and girls eat the same amount. I'm a girl, so I found it really hard to finish my meals sometimes. I cringe when I think of the amount of food I've wasted.

    QUALITY: It's a subjective criteria. The food tastes prepackaged and reheated. Really hearty meals, but tastes artificial.

    NUTRITION: It's horrible. The hot foods have too much fat, sodium, and carbs. The prepacked foods have too much sodium and sugar. The only thing healthy in V1 was the poor excuse for a salad bar (Can't remember if V1 had one as well). The salad bar had poor selection and everything looked dried up.

    ADDITIONAL NOTES: There are so many temptations like an ice-cream machine and a huge rack of chips, tons of candy at checkout. The only thing which I truly enjoyed at REV was the spicy chicken wrap--sooo good.

    HOW I MADE IT: I didn't. I ended up losing 10 pounds because I only ate sandwiches, smoothies, and a couple meals of fish whenever it was on the menu. I refused to eat anything else because it was so gross and unhealthy. I ate this combination for almost every meal for a whole semester. My family absolutely freaked out when they saw my hollowed out face after first year because I was already pretty skinny to begin with.

    WHAT I RECOMMEND YOU DO: Don't live on a meal plan. Instead, rent a house/apartment and cook for yourself. If you need to live in a dorm, live at UWP so you can cook for yourself. If you don't know how to cook, LEARN.