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Updated on Thursday, June 18


QUESTION: I stopped swimming since the 8th grade and I want to start again. However, I noticed during gym classes in high school (during the swimming unit), that I would get foot cramps often at the beginning of the period. How do I avoid this? Also, should I do any warm-ups/stretches before swimming?

Can someone confirm some stuff about swimming etiquette?
1) After tapping on someone's foot to tap them, do you overtake them *only* at the wall?
2) How would one go about entering and exiting a lane?

How judgemental are people at the pool? I have a little belly fat and I'm self-conscious about it.

Thanks for your help! :)


  1. People aren't that judgmental, but you pick your lane based on your speed so if you find you're faster than most people in that lane, move to a faster lane. I'd be hella pissed if someone tapped my foot while I was swimming.. to tell me they're behind me.

    To enter a lane, if not already in the pool then you would get in at one end, otherwise you'd slide under a lane divider along the wall

  2. The first time I ever got a foot cramp, I thought I was freaking dying!! They're horrible! I even get them when I'm not swimming. Picking up leg intensive activities (e.g., swimming and running) will help reduce the duration and the frequency of the leg cramps.

    Don't make physical contact with anyone in the pool unless you know them, so tapping anyone on the foot is totally out of the question.

    I personally find it somewhat rude if you overtake someone in the middle of the lane. If I know that someone is slower than me, I wait until they're 3/4ths of the way down the lane before I start swimming so I don't bump into them. If I do, I just stop swimming and wait till they finish. If someone was faster than me, I'd prefer that they overtake me at the wall.

    You enter a lane by jumping into it at the mouth (where all the people are chilling). If you're entering the recreation lanes, you can enter at the front or back.

    I think pool people are the best people (except for when they overtake you half way). They're totally not judgmental, and mind their own business. I frequently go to the pool and see bodies of all shapes here, so please don't feel self-conscious. If it makes you feel any better, you can go for women's swim on Thursdays at 8:30pm - 9:30pm-- given that you're a woman.

    GL and HF.