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Updated on Friday, June 12


QUESTION: Hello, I'm an international co-op student in my third work term. For my past co-op, I stayed near Waterloo, but this time I hope to go farther. I have applyed to some job in the USA and also other parts of Canada, and got interviews of jobs from the following locations.

I don't have a good knowledge of US and Canadian cities, so can you tell me which ones of the following are better, and provide a short comment on these cities if you have done a co-op job in them? Thank you.

Vancouver, San Fransisco, Austin, Halifax, New York, Seattle


  1. This is my own opinion :
    1. San Fransisco
    2. New York
    3. Seattle
    4. Vancouver
    5. Austin
    6. Halifax

    1. you also ranked them from most expensive to live to least expensive

    2. I didn't do it on purpose but that does show that being a nice city correlates with having high living costs.

    3. Fuck SF, it's a shithole.

  2. Vancouver is good for international students, because people are nice and not racists

  3. Vancouver has excellent transit options for getting around on a budget. It's also beautiful. It may be less hassle to work in Vancouver vs. the US with regards to visas and such.

  4. San Francisco is shit. Don't listen to people who drank the koolaid.

  5. Vancouver is amazing, Seattle is very similar to vancouver with less good Asian food. Haven't been to others, but San Francisco is definitely the most shitty(city itself).

  6. IMO:
    New York, Vancouver, San Fran, Halifax, Seattle, Austin.

  7. Vancouver - beautiful city. Too many foreigners trying to lander money resulting in a bubble real estate.

    New York - pretentious, expensive. Not a place to stay long term. It's just a place where you can say you've been there to impress your friends. Even earning $100K per year when you tax off taxes and housing costs you're earning less than other places.

    San Fran - Bubbly. Rents are going through the roof. There is a lot of resentment from the original population regarding the tech sector. It's just another bragging location to your friends trying to show how cool you are.

    Halifax - Nice city. Smaller. Nothing too bad about it except in that fall/winter. Tropical storms or else crazy snowfall. But if you can get through that then it's no big deal.

    Austin - One of the cheaper places to live, less tax, lower housing costs. Climate is warm. Watch out for floods. Hopefully you're whiteish.

    Seattle - Vancouver clone. Nothing really wrong with Seattle. Temperate climate, tech sector is building. Probably one of the better choices.

  8. A friend of mine got a sports scholarship to U of Texas at Austin. It seems like a pretty good town, with a comparatively high slut density. As for everything else, who cares?