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Updated on Sunday, June 7


QUESTION: How long do most people work out for each day? What types of workouts do people do throughout the week?


  1. I go 4 times per week usually. Across the different days I cover the following exercises arms/shoulders: French press, preacher curls, tricept pull down, dumbbell curls, arnold press, shrugs, military press. Chest: chest fly, dumbbell press, bench press, inclined bench press, cable fly. Back: lateral rows, deadlift, Romanian deadlift, sumo deadlift, stiff legged deadlift. Legs: squat, hamstring curls (machine), leg press. It takes as long as it has to but generally about 6 hours per week

  2. Usually about an hour. One of the bsst exercises for your arms, especially if you can get a spotter is to do 'ladders' on the arm curl machine. Start at 20 or 30 and do 8 reps. Get the spotter to put the pin down to the next level, and do 8 more and keep going until maybe you can only do 2 or 3 reps (even if you need some help). Then, without stopping go back down the ladder. It is agony but your arms will get cut like you won't believe.