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Updated on Tuesday, June 2


QUESTION:  Do you ever find yourself missing someone you hardly know? Made a connection with someone right before they left UW, and am missing the short period we spent together.


  1. Yep, think about her all the time.

  2. This happened to me 4x. Once when I moved in high school, once at summer job, once with a girl from Laurier, and once with a girl from Western. All the meetings were complete flukes, and in each case it was like 'wow, this is really happening, this is awesome'. In each case I went on 2-3 dates and then one or other of us had to move. I think about each and every one of them, thinking about what might have been.

  3. This happened to me once. Met a guy right before I was leaving, we had such a good connection right off the bat. Shitty timing got in the way. We still keep in touch, but it's difficult for your mind to stop thinking of what could have happened. Hope I can reconnect with him one day.