OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, May 27


QUESTION: Is it possible/normal to go to Bomber Wednesday by myself ?


  1. if u want EVERY girl to look @ u like a creep loner.

    UNLESS ur a girl.

    1. what happens if you're a girl?

      (genuinely curious, I've always wanted to go to Bomber Wednesday but have no one to go with)

  2. Then the 19 year old casanova that is 1 will seduce you with his high school charm, obviously.

  3. Seen a few people do that. If you are super outgoing and friendly and somewhat attractive then you should have no trouble meeting people although Bomber will be significantly less busy during the spring term.

  4. That depends entirely on your personality. Making conversation with strangers isn't exactly one of my strengths so for me, it wouldn't be too great. If you are a real Type A...what the hell, give it a shot.