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Updated on Monday, May 25


QUESTION: I lost my keys, and I live in a house....should I try to find a locksmith to replicate a medeco key...if there are any places in waterloo or should I just contact the landlord (but i'm afraid he's going to charge me a lot)


  1. Contact your landlord.He probably has a key you can copy for 5$, The only downside would be if your landlord doesn't live in town. If your landlord didnt have a key for whatever reason you would need a locksmith anyways.

  2. Contact your landlord. I lost mine last year and was lucky that my landlord charge me

  3. Find your keys. They are probably behind the cushions in a chair or sofa.

    And look at Craiglist or Kijiji. I found a huge bundle of keys and put an ad there and presumably the bonehead that lost them never checked so they are still here in a drawer.