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Updated on Monday, May 25


QUESTION: I had sex with my boy friend for the first time in a year. He went away with his friends to Europe/Asia to backpack after they graduated. He's lost a lot of weight and is I guess ripped now. With that weight loss, his penis has gotten larger. In the sense there is no longer a pad down there and it's gotten just bigger in general. It's to the point where it's become quite painful having sex with him. I stuck it out since it had been so long but I was just holding back the pain. We've had sex quite a few times since and the pain isn't getting any better. I'm afraid our sex life is going to come to a quick halt if I can't handle it anymore. How do I bring it up to him? I'm too afraid to say anything to him


  1. Ask him to be more gentle! No shame in that.

    As the sex progresses, and your vag/butt gets more relaxed/used to it he'll probably be able to go harder or whatever.

  2. Just tell him. If he's any kind of decent guy he'd feel really bad that he's hurting you and isn't aware of it.

    And as above said, no, you may not get more used to it. If he's hitting your cervix, there is no adjusting to that. That will always hurt if he's going full length.

    1. Yes, you can adjust. The vagina can elongate during sex. If he just rams it in and goes full thrust at first, he can hit the cervix easily.

      I didn't say that you would necessarily adjust, but that it may be possible.

      Also way to assume the OP is female. My post left it open.

  3. As a guy with a similar problem, I can say that it's a good problem to have. He'll still be able to enjoy it after the adjustment and he'll feel great for having to do so. What's more important is for him to find a way to please you. We aim to please.

  4. Lube, Foreplay, Gentle, Practice, Love

  5. Example 1 million of why communication is key. Talk to him about it, ask him to go slower/not full inside and that you'll enjoy it more that way. Generally you want to please your partner so if not going full thrust/slowing down makes you enjoy it, he'll probably go for that.