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Updated on Tuesday, May 19


QUESTION: I have 0 motivation to work out but I really need to lose the 30 Pounds I gained in the last 6 months. Any tips on overcoming binge eating and losing weight?


  1. If you really have a problem with binge eating, that's an impulse disorder and you need to see a therapist to talk about it. They can give you ways to redirect these impulses when they come up.

  2. Would definitely recommend talking to someone to make sure you don't reassign any type of disorder toward working out or eating. My advice is to become an active person, I don't just mean working out. Get up and go on walks, go hiking, take up a hobby like rock climbing, join a recreational team, start working out. When you start working out begin by looking up information about weight lifting and HIIT online. A good mix of cardio and weight lifting will help. In terms of eating you should be eating healthy food but don't follow any type of diet plan which could lead to disordered eating and is not sustainable. Eat five to six smaller meals a day full of healthy foods. Listen to your body when you eat and learn how to tell the difference between hunger and craving. With that being said, what is life without a bit of ice cream? You are young and it is okay to enjoy life and FOOD. If you just start eating spinach all the time and you are miserable and can never go out for a burger with your friends, what is the point? Eat mostly healthy, but treat yourself and don't feel shame. Don't weight your body, take pictures to determine results. No one can see the size of your jeans or the number on the scale. What people can see is whether or not you have a smile on your face, and then they might check out your cute butt. Workout and eat healthy because it is good for you, because it makes you feel good and a nice body can be a nice added bonus. Do not focus in your journey about how your body is changing day-to-day, focus on what can my body do today that it couldn't do yesterday, and how does my body feel today instead of yesterday. Be strong, confident, and happy with the person you are on the inside and then you'll start to love the person on the outside no matter what they look like. Good luck!

  3. Find motivation. All the good advice in the world won't help you if you can't overcome your own laziness.

  4. Hey OP,
    I've been cleaning up my health and loosing weight so maybe some of this applies to you. So far I've lost 20 Ibs the past couple of months just by making some changes to my diet (still need to add in exercise, but baby steps right?) I used to stress-eat a lot and drank a lot of pop. I also ate out regularly with friends.

    For a while I was drinking one of those 591mL bottles a day, if not more at times.That was the first thing to go. I gradually decreased my pop intake. I knew going cold-turkey was just going to backfire on me so I switched from the 591mL bottle to the 355mL cans for a while, just to reduce the daily quantity. Then from having it every day to every other day, then every third day, until one day I just stopped. Eventually I was able to go an entire month without drinking any. Now I have it maybe one or twice a month as a treat?

    I did similar things with the stress-eating and the take-out. The take-out was a bit easier to get rid of, and now when I do eat out with friends I try to aim for healthier choices, or smaller sizes where possible., but sometimes it's nice to have a treat :)

    Other things I did were:
    - aim for 1.5L of water every day
    - go walking in the evenings to avoid snacking
    - preparing meals ahead of time so when I got lazy and didn't want to cook there was already stuff pre-made that was healthy
    - having 3 meals a day and having a light snack between each. I used to skip meals and then over-eat later on because I was starving
    - cheat. I have a lot of family and friends who go crazy and don't allow themselves any slack and just yo-yo from diet to weight gain. So I still allow myself some things that are fun to eat and see it more as a long-term lifestyle than a temporary way to loose weight.

  5. Start jacking off instead of gorging everything in sight.