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Updated on Tuesday, April 21


QUESTION: Had anyone lived in the housing on Albert, near Albert/University(across Laurier)? How quiet/loud is the area? Can you hear people outside the building, from your room? Is it ocassional noise or quiet frequent noise?


  1. I lived at Columbia/Hazel and even there it definitely got loud, especially on days like St Paddys and frosh week. My unit was on the first floor and faced the street so that didn't help either.

  2. Yes. I lived in the basement of a house. Loud also on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But it's worth it with how close to campus it is.

  3. I've lived on the ground floor of a house facing University around there, and unless someone is screaming outside you don't hear people talking, or even the cars driving by. This depends on your house of course. But on Thurs/Fri/Sat there is loud music with booming bass at night (late until 2am some nights) which can get really annoying if you're sensitive to the vibrations. The location is (usually) worth it though (many bus routes, extremely close to campus and plazas).