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Updated on Sunday, April 19


QUESTION: I am an international student who had a lonely first term at Waterloo this winter. I will be living in V1 next term.
How can I make my life more enjoyable at Waterloo, next term ?


  1. Hi OP,
    I am a Canadian student, but I was also very lonely during my first term at Waterloo. I lived in V1 for my first two terms (Fall-Winter).
    One good thing about being here this summer is that the weather will be very nice and the sun will be out until 9:00 at night!
    Something that helps me is listening to music and taking walks and there are some nice areas around campus to go for a walk (for example, Waterloo Park that's south of campus). Another thing that I do is join clubs for things that I'm interested in, and the Shoe Tag fitness program at PAC (there will be a new spring schedule out soon).
    I lived in V1 and I know that it's sometimes not the easiest residence to make friends in, but if you can be brave, then you might want to knock on your neighbour's door and just ask how they're doing or go to dinner with them in the cafeteria every once in a while (that's actually how I made friends with two girls who are my roommates now.)
    That's all I have to say. Good luck, OP!
    Oh, and I'm personally very glad that I stayed here even after feeling lonely because now I have very good friends and I like this school a lot. :)

    1. Awe, you sound like nice person

    2. (1 to 1a) Thanks :)

  2. a) you aren't alone in feeling that way, b) I don't know what gender you some respects I think it's easier for women to get a date (if they want one) but more difficult to find people just to hang with. If you are guy, like the other poster says, just strike up a conversation and see how they respond. If they seem personable enough, say 'Let's go grab a beer.' or pizza and ask if they'd like to share. I made most of my friends by sharing Doritos.

  3. Please be sure to check out ICSN (International and Canadian Student Network). They run awesome events like Babble Cafe, Trips to Niagara Falls and Canoeing, etc. They are evening running an event on the May long weekend! Check them out on Facebook.

  4. Switch to Renison. asap.

  5. Join some clubs! Check out Clubs Day (second week of May, I think thurs and fri?) Check out to join some services or be a volunteer (I suggest Welcome Week, Orientation).