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Updated on Sunday, April 19


QUESTION: One of my courses marked with hidden criteria (i.e. marking assignments with criteria never discussed in or out of class, not discussed in modules, not given marking scheme before marking). I am going to email the profs, should I cc. anyone else, or just email them first? What is protocol for this?


  1. translation: "i just bombed an exam and now i'm looking for an excuse to scrounge marks from my assignments for completely bullshit reasons, how many people can i complain to before one of them gives enough of a shit to up my final grade by 0.02%?"

    the term's over, suck it up and pay more attention in class next time

    1. ^ This. Suck it up OP and stop being a little baby. This is university, not high school. First years these days..

  2. Were these criteria rather obvious (organization, logic of arguments, etc.)?

  3. No one has to give you a marking scheme. In fact, their use is discouraged in many classes because they can inflate or deflate grades or often don't quite match up with how students are performing/have improved.

  4. At this point i would just suck it up. During the term however you could have easily asked the prof of TA what they were looking for on assignments to get a better idea, especially if you did bad in any of the early ones.