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Updated on Sunday, April 19


QUESTION: I am feeling so lonely now. Everybody is so stuck up. Where can I talk to or make friends. I'm not into pubs or night scenes. Any suggestions? I hate this university so far.


  1. Hey OP,
    I definitely felt lonely during my first year here too (I don't care if you're in your first year of your undergrad or not. You could be a transfer/grad student and this would apply too!)
    Not everyone is stuck up and I'm sure you can find someone to talk to in classes. Honestly, I met one of my best friends here as we were waiting to go into an exam in my first term (during exam period).
    If you live in residence, try being brave and knocking on your neighbour's door. Even if it's just to say "hi" and ask how their studying is going.
    If you're here this spring, I highly recommend joining something like Shoe Tag (PAC fitness) to get out there, or joining a club on campus (there's tons!)
    I'm always looking for new friends and I'm happy to grab coffee in the plaza with you, if that's what you need!

    1. Thanks for you reply. OP here: I am actually in my last term of study and all people I know well have graduated. They mostly live in Toronto now. I feel people in upper years are not eager to make friends any more as they have already their social bubbles.

  2. OP, I know what it's like to be lonely and not have any friends coming to a university that's outside of your home town, and if you're anything like me, making friends seems impossible as many people seem to be stuck up, as you say, or are in their own "cliques".

    I know what that's like, I've been in that position before. as 1 said, joining a club is a good idea, but depending on your personality, that may be hard. So, if you need to talk and hangout, I'd be down to. I'll be checking this thread in case you respond and want to hangout.

    I wish you the best regardless. University can be very hard without friends.

  3. I am sorry OP :( university is so difficult because of this. look for clubs relevant to your interests. I didn't have many friends when I came to university, I knew maybe 2 people in my program and didn't hang out with them outside of school. this year I joined a club and made so many new friends that have been so wonderful and welcoming and now school is a lot better than it used to be.

    hope that helped, things will get better and SO many people at this school have been there before.

  4. You are luckier than me. I am now face expulsion. My life and future are in risk of destroying. I wish I am in your shoe