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Updated on Sunday, April 19


QUESTION: Out of curiosity, am I more likely to get hired if I'm attractive physically? or no?


  1. Yeah man, I got a job almost solely because of it.
    I was applying for an IB position, and under skills I put the following
    - Crack 4 coconuts per minute with my bare fists
    - Trained in the art of Judo by Chuck Norris
    - Shoot targets at a distance of 1 mile with a 5 inch spread with a Walmart BB gun
    - Completed two full Marathons in a row (1st place) while carrying a mentally disabled child in order for them to see the world

    Anyways, point is I get into the interview and the dude just straight up says "you're white and you're tall so i'm hiring you." Not only that, but because I am male they bumped my salary up to 100,000 starting.

    So my point is be white, be tall and be a dude. Goodluck!

  2. It is not that you are overall more likely to get hired if you are attractive, but people who are physically attractive are generally more likable or appealing. It is the same with those who have very good personalities. Basically, with most jobs there is the "good fit" category. This means that when people have all of the necessary or desired qualifications the choice between 2, 3, 10, 15 + people might be based on "good fit" qualities and personality and good looks generally fall under this category. All that being said, being a good looking person will not get you jobs, nor will being unattractive get you jobs. In many cases, especially for women, good looks can be a detriment in terms of being taken seriously. So OP, if you are hot, be smart and awesome too that will increase your chances of getting the job. If you aren't hot then it doesn't matter, work hard and also have a kickass personality.

    1. We need to take a stand and only start hiring attractive women who are qualified! We can set the standard!

  3. If I had the choice between multiple skilled candidates, I'm picking the LG every time.

  4. See, everyone claims that people treat you better if you're attractive, but I actively do the opposite.

    I'm more willing to be kind to / help someone who isn't gorgeous. I feel like life is already too good for the "beautiful" people and I truly enjoy knocking them down a notch.

    Am I a bad person?

    1. Nope, you're just bitter and petty!