OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, April 16


QUESTION: Thoughts on Class 104 - Classical Mythology online? Do I absolutely need to buy the textbook? How easy is the course?


  1. If you do it online, get the textbook. Details about the myths you need to know will be in there that you may not get out of the text.

    I wouldn't recommend online at all though. It's one of those courses that's storytime for the whole class, and it's really entertaining.

  2. Love it in class. You need the book. One of my favourite courses!

  3. Do it online. It's an easy A, I did it last summer online.
    The final was for 50% tho and that sucked, but I connected with classmates over Facebook and we all got through it together.

  4. Easiest course I've taken, and it was fairly interesting. I took it online without using a textbook, as the publisher's website gives you concise summaries of every chapter.