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Updated on Sunday, April 12


QUESTION: How do you usually study? What works best for you? What does not? 


  1. idk how much you want to listen to my advice since i dropped out, but i usually put on quiet instrumental music and read through slides/my notes and summarize them into smaller and smaller sections. rewriting takes a lot of time (and it needs to be done by hand to be effective, i guess they've Done Studies) but it helps/helped me more than anything else.

    ofc this doesn't work if you put it off too late

  2. I try to keep good notes for the textbook throughout the term since I don't usually have time to re-read much of it during exams. It really helps if I can have someone quiz me from my notes or if I try to explain the course material to someone not in the class.

    I have a hard time concentrating with distractions so I find a quiet place to study so I can focus.

  3. I re-write/summarize my notes because handwriting really helps me remember. I sometimes make up my own questions that are the same kind as the ones on the midterm (if the midterm questions are "list 5 things" or "describe this process", I'll do the same thing with new material).
    As for background noise, I usually listen to music, but if I really need to focus, I'll turn it off. I usually study at home because my roommates are quiet.

  4. anki
    (good for biology)

  5. depends on the type of exam. if purely memorization, i would read thru the readings (if they are not ridiculously long, and if i have not yet read them). then i read over all the lectures and make summary notes. then i google for flashcards (Quizlet) or previous exams and use silly memorization tactics.

    if it's a more practical exam, i read over all the notes then i go ham on the practice finals and in class examples until i know how to do them without difficulty.

  6. I find a good way to memorize things is to re-write them again and again. When you write them, you go through them in your mind, and process whether or not you understand the material.

    So, I go through my notes relevant to an exam and make a condensed version, then go through those to make a final condensed version of everything I'm likely to have a tough time on, then memorize that information and review the first condensed notes a number of times as my secondary focus.