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Updated on Sunday, April 12


QUESTION: For all guys in Math who have good grades like 80>, how do you study? I am a first year and the way I did it last time and doing it now is that through out the term i do the problem sets in time and alone. And during finals I just review those problem sets agin and sometimes go over a few formulae. Is this the "right" way to study. I did decent last term but I always think I get lucky


  1. The right way to study is the way that works for you. If you did well in all the courses you took, it was probably more than just luck!

  2. Math graduate here.

    Usually winds up depending on the course. Some profs heavily reuse assignment material, some bring new stuff on the exam that you would have to heavily study the lectures to answer.

    Usually the midterms and exams are similar, so base your finals study method on the midterm.