OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Sunday, April 12


QUESTION: How do I kindly address to my roommate that he is making our place smell unbearably foul?

The smell is obviously coming from his room and when he spends the day laying on couch (without showering) the couches smell to the point that I can't sit on them without my clothes carrying the odour.  I've tried putting air fresheners all over the place including near his room hoping he gets the message be he hasn't. I'm not trying to be an asshole so I've tried bringing up the fact that "something" in the place smells but he doesn't seem to smell it. It's at the point where it is not cost effective to continue renting with added cost of continually restocking on air fresheners 


  1. I have this same issue. Someone plz help.

  2. Just tell him already. Someone has to. This must be affecting other aspects of his life, so really you are doing him a favour.

  3. Start wafting voodoo onions when they're around, chanting Be banished you foul olfactory creature, be banished in the name of Lord Farte.

    1. is this suppose to be funny... bruh you're lame

  4. Shit in his bed.

  5. Write an OMGUW post about it. Maybe he will see it and reform his putrid ways.