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Updated on Monday, April 6


Ive recently "come out", even though most of my friends weren't surprised. I wanted to start meeting guys and dating, but i feel like its just as hard when i was in the closet. I joined tinder (i know i know), and talking to people, however, things don't really get anywhere, or i end up i talking to people who are only looking for hookups, which I'm not interested in. What are some ways to meet people and actually have a proper conversation. Im really new at the whole dating scene. Being in the closet for most of your life doesn't help your dating skills.


  1. Lol you join tinder and wonder why people are only looking for hookups....smh

  2. Being in the closet has nothing to do with your dating skills, dating is dating regardless of who you are dating. Be social talk to people, be outgoing and take chances. That's all there is to it.

  3. I'm a lesbian & met my GF at GLOW (at sapphic mondays specifically). IMO in the gay community if you are really into dating you should (1) go get to know people at GLOW, even if you don't like any of them in that way you can get to know their friends and friends-of-friends. a lot of successful relationships, hetero or homo, come to be because of your friendship network. (2) join websites like Plenty of Fish and OKCupid.

    Tinder and Grindr are only for hook-ups basically, don't be surprised if that's all you find.

  4. I've been with my boyfriend for 3 months now (I'm a guy too). Started on Tinder! There are decent people out there :D