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Updated on Monday, April 6


Which is harder: Life Science Psychology or ARBUS Psychology? I've heard that ARBUS Psychology can actually be just as difficult as Life Science Psychology because you need to write more essays, which are harder to get good grades in than for tests that mainly only require you to memorize concepts in Life Science


  1. The total workload is still going to be higher for life sciences even if you don't have to worry about subjectivity. If you just care about GPA go arbus. To be honest unless you want to do research the bus part of arbus will get you decent jobs anyway

  2. lol ARBUS, come on son

  3. As a psych major in science, I can hands-down say that it's harder. To even get admitted, you have to complete the first year minimum science requirements which include 2 Chem, 2 Bio, 2 Physics, and (worst of all) Calc 1 & 2 (but majors don't even have to do both). Certainly much harder than the arts breadth requirements, especially since you have a lot more freedom of choice with them. Furthermore, in science courses you have these lovely things called labs that take up a lot of time (you'll have three first term on top of 5 courses) plus mandatory tutorials in Cell Bio and Genetics. I personally find lab reports a lot more monotonous than essays. Sure, they're easier to do well on, but the time they take to do well is not always there.

    I've never heard people say ARBUS is hard, just boring as hell (the drop-out rates speak for themselves). However, if you're considering co-op, I'd highly recommend the ARBUS route. Psych co-op job selection is pretty awful unless you're interested in business (in which case there's a lot and employers like hiring psych majors in business roles).