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Updated on Monday, April 6


Any advice to cope with binge eating?


  1. Binge eat fruits and vegetables.

  2. Maaaaan the haaaaarpoooons!!!!!

  3. Use one of the hand baskets at the grocery store. Can't bring as much home so you forfeit the snacks for the meals.

  4. I used to stress eat a lot to cope with my anxiety. I used a combination of a couple techniques to help deal with it.
    (1) I generally won't buy the junk food I crave when I'm stressed. Then when I'm stressed, it isn't there for me to eat.
    (2) I keep a small container of sliced fruits or veggies, so I always have a quick snack on hand.
    (3) I plan my meals in advance, that way I minimize the temptation to order food.
    (4) If I catch myself going to eat I ask myself if I'm hungry. If I'm just craving junk food I remind myself that I'm valuing my body and health by choosing better food. I guess here, I'm trying to interrupt destructive thoughts with more positive ones to change my behaviour.

    I hope something I said is helpful.

  5. I'm a male in pretty good shape, as in I have an athletic and fit physique. However I have had an eating disorder for several years where every once in a while, normally every 3 - 5 weeks I will binge eat for 2 days straight. I'm talking like 300 dollar all-day weekend binge sessions with everything from cupcakes cookies brownies and candy to like fast food chips u name it. It doesn't help that I can afford it. Anyway, I always feel super shitty after but I think I finally found a way to deal with it, for myself anyway. I found that rather than simply not doing it, which made me fuck up way worse each time when I broke, having a planned cheat day to look forward to was better. This probably isn't ideal and it's where I'm at righ tnow cuz I'm still thinking about food too much, but during the weeks leading to the cheat meal I plan exactly what I will eat and only eat healthy things, then when that day comes around I just go insane and eat w.e the fuck I want, then when the day's over the next day I just go back to eating healthy until my next cheat meal. I usually do this every like 3 - 5 weeks. Works for me, but I hope to eventually just phase this out and be able to control myself more to the point where I can just eat a small unhealthy snack once or twice a week without going insane and eating a ton of it. It's a real problem haha