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Updated on Friday, April 3


Best way to study for CS 115 considering I've barely gone to lectures this term but am decent at legit programming languages lie Java and Python ... ?


  1. "legit programming languages" grow up

  2. Skim the lecture slides and do the assignments. If you're a "master programming whiz" like you claim to be, then you should have no issue absorbing the material. If you can't, well then you're fucked and shouldn't have skipped class. Also Python isn't a legit programming language.

  3. get a load of this guy

  4. "legit programming languages" then lists Java and Python. That's a good one hahaha

    1. Well, to be fair, all that list is missing is a functional language.

  5. gr8 b8 m8, I aprecia8

  6. psshh you're too l33t to study. DO IT LIVE.

  7. i was in the same position as you, 7 years ago.

    I just memorized the templates, and reproduced the specific template for each question. Also, for each question I made sure to write about how I would solve it, as opposed to actually solving it myself.

    Worked for me, I passed. But I would not recommend it. Go study

  8. ex-ISA for CS115:
    - understand structures and lists
    - know how to use recursive functions and create templates
    - design recipe!
    - abstract list functions and using local
    - tracing: both a full trace and condensed trace

    Go through the labs and handwrite the solutions. The coding questions will be slightly more difficult than than the lab questions but a lot easier than assignment questions.
    Pay attention to spelling and brackets!

    Good luck on your exam!