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Updated on Friday, April 3


Does anyone find their classmates rather dull in regards to living life before attending university? I find myself not being able to relate to other students.


  1. You mean people don't travel as much as you do? Yeah that comes from being poor as dirt.

    1. You don't need to travel to be interesting. In fact, people who travel a lot sometimes tend to be covering up their innate dullness.

    2. @1.a

      So what makes someone interesting in your opinion? It's rather subjective I find. What piques one dulls another. I'd imagine despite all the grand qualities you think you have, someone with mismatching interests would find you boring.

    3. I don't have (m)any "grand qualities", 1b, and I'm sure a large portion of people do find me boring.

      Finding someone interesting is definitely subjective, but that's why it's fun to talk about. I think the common tie between interesting people is that they're all interested in life. They have (non-vapid) subjects they enjoy talking about, and are curious to learn more. Actions alone don't make a person interesting, their thoughts do.

      There are tons of interesting people who lead "boring" lives, who have a day job, and you'd never find out if you didn't talk to them.

  2. I don't think it has to do with travelling per se, but in regards to past experiences prior to attending university. This could be personal experiences, personal accomplishments, hobbies, or just basic character/personality traits. It doesn't make other individuals less of a student, but it's nice to meet people who have some substance other than "During high school I stayed indoors 24/7, then came straight here for co-op, a degree, then a job."

  3. All the fucking time

  4. it probably means YOURE the dull one.