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Updated on Tuesday, March 31


How do you guys deal with being home sick?


  1. I keep myself busy with studies or hobbies. I also often talk to my parents or my brother through text or call. Exercise is also a mood booster :)

  2. Not sure if you mean homesickness as missing one's country ... I am an international student and whenever I feel homesick, I listen to music, or watch stuff on youtube from my country. Also, some people may have compatriots in waterloo and they may talk to them in their language, which I think may help with homesickness, but I personally have no one from my country in Waterloo.

    1. Which country are you from?

    2. OMG I totally do that too. Listening to music from my home country immediately tranports me back home, indulging in your home country's cuisine or talking to fellow students in your native tongue helps.
      If you're not an international student, I'd say call back home, look at photos of people from there, go out with friends or make new ones (easier said than done here tho) or go out and explore a bit.