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Updated on Tuesday, March 31


Where on campus could I go do a 30 minute Skype interview? I need a spot that's relatively quiet and light on foot traffic


  1. You could look into renting a study room in DC or DP. You can book them online though I don't recall where exactly.

  2. Grebel or renison

  3. Tatham centre phone rooms -- at this point I'm sure the phone interview rooms aren't full. Just go the day off and explain you have an interview and would like to borrow a room.

  4. TC, DC, or any place you can reserve a room. I recommend doing it in advance so it is on record and spares you the hassle or stress of doing it the day of. Ask a receptionist at any of the desks and they will direct you accordingly.

  5. TC - show them email and they will accommodate you.

    1. I never ever had to show them any proof. Just be reasonable.. it's not unusual to have 2 back-to-back 45-minute interviews.. any longer is pushing it though.

  6. Just go to TC like others have said. They will help you the best, and they have multiple rooms in the basement that you can rent out if need be.