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Updated on Tuesday, March 31


What is the best thing to do when feeling lonely?


  1. Watch sad b&w films like Casablanca and contemplate how you're going to be alone for the rest of your life while eating a massive take-out container of noodles

  2. Listen to music, exercise, write, cook, watch a good movie or some stand-up comedy (tons of those videos on YouTube. My personal favourite are Gabriel Iglesias, Jeff Dunham, and Kevin Hart), or just even YouTube in general; do whatever hobbies you have. For me, when I'm feeling lonely or depressed, I find that writing a journal entry or just writing down my feelings in general help. Eating good food helps too, or talk to a friend. Maybe even take a walk around campus, the park, or uptown. Keep yourself busy with something that will take your mind off your loneliness, even for a moment. Good luck OP! *Thumbs up* :)

    1. /\ this. I've been writing for about three years now, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, and it helps so much, specially if you have nobody else to talk to.

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