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QUESTION: Thoughts on ENGL 306A? What's the course load like, the website makes it seem really time consuming but people on reddit seem to say its easy?


  1. It was the worst course I've ever taken. I'm usually a mid 80s student, but when I took ENGL 306A I almost failed the final. One of my friends is taking the course this term and she's finding it difficult as well.

    1. I concur. It was my lowest English mark of all my courses.

    2. I'm in English student too and it was one of my highest marks. Do you know why you fucknuts probably failed? Either cuz you're dumb, or expected you could bullshit your way through it like every other course, or attempted to cram. This is a course where you not only need to keep up with readings by every lecture, you need to stay on top of all the exercises and review regularly in order to know what's going on, there's a completely cumulative effect to the material. In other words, as snot-nosed English students you probably have never had to actually use your brain in a course that requires you to put in some real effort and engage in some systematic thinking. The illusion that you're a good student was removed when you were actually put to the test for once. I mean everything I say here, and understand that I'm already well aware this comment will probably go way over your head and not penetrate your puny little bubble of a brain and actually change your perspective a bit/get you to really think about your courses (and life/self) productively.

    3. @1b:

      "'I'm in English student too"

      Confirmed for troll.

    4. No, I think 1b speaks the truth. And I, for the record, am majoring in Hons. English Lit.

  2. I disagree with the first two comments. I loved 306A and thought it was very interesting! Currently, it is one of my highest marks. The homework is helpful with regards to preparing for the quizzes, the prof marks assignments and responds to e-mails SUPER fast.

    One thing though is participation and attendance. Put in the work and show the prof that you're diligent and hard-working, and everything should be alright.

    Although, it is very different from other English courses, I did some pre-studying (learning the IPA before classes start will give you an advantage the first 2 - 3 weeks), also I find it beneficial to know other languages as that should give you a stronger knowledge of phonetics.

    Some concepts were difficult, but making friends and forming study groups is super helpful!

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  4. It's a cool class. Fairly easy 90 (85+ at least) as the prof will tell you the exact questions on everyone of the tests beforehand, and she is very lenient on assignment submissions.

    But... it is really different from other Arts classes. The class actually is rather reminiscent of cs or math or something, so if you are really bad at that, I would advise against it.

  5. Also, it requires you to really use your innate understanding of the language. This is not something you ever really do, and is somewhat hard to get used to.