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Updated on Sunday, March 29


Who else here has the chronic illness of GERD/ acid reflux? how are they coping with this?


  1. Acid reflux and IBS here. I take my prescribed PPIs regularly, avoid trigger foods and I'm basically good all the time, with issues when I eat poorly or forget meds. The other thing I've found that helps a lot is eating smaller portions regularly (i.e. 3 meals a day).

  2. Ugh. It's been difficult. I've had it for 3 years and doc keeps switching my meds because none have been perfect yet. Eating smaller meals like 1 said, and avoid caffeine and alcohol. I also use over the counter meds like Gaviscon which helps a bit.

    1. thanks for your reply to my question. it's definately difficult and I feel kinda hopeless cuz meds are harmful to the body. and i feel like my teeth are inevitably and gradually being destroyed by the acid which is sad cause this influences my appearance. i wish there was a safe permanent cure invented.