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QUESTION: Hi everyone,

Im hoping a few people can actually take the time to somewhat help me:

I am really curious about the varsity teams at our university. I mean. Im a decent athlete and Im actually quite good at certain sports, like basketball, soccer and baseball. I just wanted to know, maybe from someone who has experience, or knows others who have been on the varsity teams, just how tough it is to actually make one of the teams from any of the sports...

I mean.. my brother and friends keep telling me to try out... but I keep telling them no way, Im just not good enough cause those guys are like crazy good and I wont make it and ill just embarass myself at the tryouts...

Also, Im in first year.


  1. Definitely try out if you're good and you think you can handle the time commitment. Remember that most teams recruit in the summer so you'll probably have to be around campus for that. Find out when the tryouts are and go for it.

  2. I am good. I just dont know how good the level is exactly... thats why i wanted to hear from someone who maybe has experience in any varsity sports.. What if my understanding of me being "good" is much different from the varsity level... what if theyre like really.. really.. good... thats why im not sure if i should try out... will i just embarrass myself?

  3. I was invited to try out for the varsity Ultimate team after playing pick-up with a team member (technically a club because it can't get funding, but fills the same role as varsity when I was invited). I didn't have time to commit to the team so I didn't go. I am at the same level or higher than my close friends on the Guelph varsity team that won the Eastern division undefeated.

    To give you an understanding of my skill level to get invited to tryouts, here is my experience. I don't know if I would have made the team, but I am fairly confident that I would have.

    Been playing since grade 7 on middle/high school teams, and since grade 10 on city league teams, and spent summer after grade 12 and first year on the farm team for a travel team. For almost all the teams I have played on I have been on the first line as a handler. I was invited to play for the travel team, but couldn't commit to being able to go to every practice and game. Also pick up at least once a week, usually twice a week all summers during high school and between first year and second year.

    Couldn't make the team now, I've been less active and don't have the stamina to run as hard as I would need to, but my arm would still make the team.

    1. Thanks so much, your experience and information really helps. But one question. Do you actually have to get invited to try out? Or can I just simply go and try out..?

    2. You don't have to be invited. I wasn't formally invited, the guy just said he wanted me to try out and would put in a good word for me after seeing me play. He tried really hard to get me to agree to come a couple times, but I just couldn't commit my time to the team and didn't want to miss half the practices and games.

  4. You don't need to be invited! Just contact the coach and figure out when training camp is and attend it. It is a huge time commitment though.