OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, March 24


QUESTION: Ladies - what exercises do you do to tone your arms? I want to tone my arms this term!


  1. The same thing men do... Curls for biceps, skullcrushers and french press for triceps. and inverted curls for forearms

  2. Why are you only asking girls? Curls, skullcrushes. Arnold press if you want shoulders. Keep in mind you're probably not going to look big and gross even if you lift heavy, its really hard for girls to gain significant muscle mass.

    1. This. You will NOT get bodybuilder arms, so don't worry about it. Just focus on those exercises, moderate reps and moderate weight; if you persist, you'll be as toned as you could wish.

  3. not a single handjob comment.. not impressed

  4. I am also very interested in this toning thing you speak of. Please tell me more.

    You can't tone anything. You might achieve a "toned" look by
    1) Losing fat - consuming the right amount of nutrients each day
    2) Gaining muscle - performing exercises, for best effect, with heavy weights