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Updated on Sunday, March 22


How many of you do your own taxes? Using software such as TurboTax? Any tips to ring out an extra buck or two?


  1. I use SimpleTax; really simple (lol), good UI and calculates your expected return/payment so you know. Just make sure you have all your documents because you can claim a lot of things.

  2. SimpleTax. Bus pass, T2202A, endowment fund 'donation', and if you're already paying back OSAP there's a credit for the interest you're paying on it.

  3. I used UFile this year. I also completed them on paper to cross-check. I got $25 more on UFile, but it was just my CPP overflow (not calculable on paper, but the CRA calculates it for you and gives it back). It was also crazy fast. After submitting, the money was in my account in 7 days!