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I am older and computer illiterate. I'd really like to change that. Would CS100 be too much for someone whose computer literacy skill is below that of the average young person today? From the syllabus it appears that this is a basic course, but I wonder how much prior knowledge you'll be assumed to already have. Many thanks in advance.


  1. I don't know anything about CS100, but you can type your tech related questions into google and usually find an answer that is simply explained. It is how I went from just using computers to building my own, and knowing how to solve most issues with software and hardware

  2. ...and I just realized that was the completely wrong Waterloo. Try this one instead:

  3. I took CS100 two years ago, and the course does start off with the very basics: how to click on icons, even. It begins with that, the basics of a PC, the internet, and advanced searching. The main focus of the course though is on Excel, HTML, and Wiki. There's a lot of free online resources and local classes/one-on-one resources that can help you out too (see 2, which was an addendum to a previous comment I made that is no longer appearing)

  4. I took it a few years ago, and the first unit is fairly simple (creating a folder, making a screenshot, naming a file). The next three units I found to be much more difficult. They all dealt with Excel, and I had a tough time grasping some of the functions at first. After that, there's some HTML and WikiCode, and the assignments involve creating a basic webpage and wikipedia page. There are a lot of helpful videos on Youtube that help with these assignments.

    Although, I took it online and had a tough time since I learn more effectively in a classroom environment. I ended up contacting one of the TAs to meet up with me in MC, and he was really helpful!

  5. I really appreciate all the insightful replies. I will be taking CS100 in the Spring. Once again, thank you for the help, OMGUW!