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Updated on Thursday, March 19


QUESTION: Thoughts on pursuing a PhD in the social science? I got accepted into a couple PhD programs but I know academia is really difficult these days. On the flip side Iv'e seen a lot of think tanks want PhD employees? Thoughts?


  1. It can't hurt. Just by having a PhD you will be considered for jobs before anyone who doesn't

    1. Not true...there are many jobs with great salary and benefits that anyone with a Bachelors in the field can apply for. People applying with a PhD can (and many times are) considered to be overqualified

    2. The whole overqualified thing is just a bullshit excuse they use to tell you they don't like you.

    3. No it is not.

      Imagine if you were an employer. This job requires the knowledge and mindset of someone with a bachelors. Would you hire someone with a PhD knowing that if something better comes along, that candidate is out in a hurry. Then you're training a whole new candidate at square 1. Also...people don't like hiring others with higher qualifications than them because a sense of entitlement may follow.

  2. This book was an amazing read. (It's a CS PhD's memoir, but you may find some things generally applicable to all disciplines)