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Updated on Tuesday, March 17


I am a Canadian Citizen, do I need a sponsorship from my employer if I want to work in the US?


  1. Yes, you'll need a work visa.

  2. Read up on US work Visa's. Just because you are Canadian doesn't give you any special treatment other than crossing the border easier.

    1. This is nonsense.

      For one, Canadians travel to the US on work visa status, not on a visa. The difference is that you have to visit a US Consulate to get a visa, whereas traveling on a visa status basically involves showing up with the completed paperwork. It's way less work to get visa status than to get a full visa.

      For an internship, you'll probably enter on J-1 status.

      For a full-time job, there's a few options.
      - TN (most likely) is an unlimited class of temporary work visas available under NAFTA which allow you to work in the US as a protected class without immigrant intent. This is a Canadian/Mexican only thing, meaning that you have a big advantage.
      - H1-B visas are dual-intent (work + immigration). They are highly limited/competitive and only available once a year. Some Canadians convert their TN status to H1-B status if they want to get a green card, but this is difficult.
      - L status, if you've already worked for a US company in Canada and they want to transfer you to a US office.

      All of the above visas require employer sponsorship.