OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, March 17


QUESTION: How do you convert your UW grade into GPA? There are so many methods that show up on google...what do you choose when you are asked your GPA grade conversion on employer's website?


  1. Pick whatever gives you the highest number, dumbass

    1. I think OP wants to know the fairest way to calculate it, like what it is compared to other schools who use GPA instead of percentage without bias. Although I agree, just use the one that gives you the highest number. If they question it, tell them that we are graded in percent, and show them the calculation you used.

  2. When I was asked my GPA when I applied to Google I just gave them my average in percent. Didn't have any problems - let them interpret it however they want. Your name will probably show up at the top of the list anyway.


    just pick a school that uses gpa and input your grades