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Updated on Tuesday, March 17


QUESTION: I am a student in Engineering and I really enjoy my academic challenges. In my agonizing work schedule, dating has been impossible . I have tried online dating, written letters of interest but found most people just window shopping or lying on those platforms. I also have somewhat high expectations from a romantic partner mostly intellectual and I have never tried to fool around or write to someone I have been only physically attracted to.

Valentine's week I was very depressed. The futile romantic efforts were bringing academic and emotional harm. I gave up self-imposed restrictions and visited an escort last week. It went really well and I have had a very productive weekend and week so far - I have also been cheerful and have enjoyed my gym, sports and music.

Does paying for sexual favors make me a bad person? Am I exploiting lives? Should I be ashamed of how I am using my privileges? Yes, God, the world deserves me as a better person but do I deserve to be a happier person?


  1. Wawawa cry me a river buttwipe

  2. And they wonder why girls don't wanna go into engineering...


    it doesn't make you a bad person
    "paying for sex isn’t an empty experience if you’re paying the right person for sex"

  4. I dated all through my engineering undergrad while being on a varsity team, and have continued into grad school. Didn't really have any problems, although it did cut into the time I wasted on meaningless things.

  5. First I was like: Faagggg!
    Then I was like: Niceeee!

    Cool story bro. srs.