OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, March 16


QUESTION:  I think I might be struggling with an eating disorder and I really want to get help, but setting up an appointment with counselling is taking forever. Anyone have similar experiences with the services at UW?


  1. I decided I wanted to get an official diagnosis for my mental health issues, and I didn't get through the system for 10 months (just for a diagnosis, nothing further).

    They kept dropping me through the cracks, giving me a 30-page learning disability questionnaire when that *really* wasn't the issue because they wanted to stall, assigning me to evaluators who ended up quitting/leaving and then forgetting to reassign me, or forgetting to ask me questions and having me come in 3 more times.

    So yea. I'm glad I was in a stable place, because even if I was screaming for help, they wouldn't have picked up on it until it could've been too late.

  2. hi i like to call good2talk for free for counselling 24/7 with any issue 1-866-925-5454