OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, March 16


QUESTION:  A friend of mine just got a Fiat 500, how can I tell her how poorly it performs in crash safety ratings for offset head on crashes? Basically if she gets into a head on crash where it is not full overlap (think both headlights touching), legs are likely to be injured, and the door falls off. I want to warn her but don't want to ruin her happiness of getting a new car.

I would never consider buying a Fiat or Smart just because of the safety. A relative of mine was driving one of those small compact cars and was hit by a transport truck. Her car was dragged down the highway without the truck driver noticing. The police told her to never even consider buying those small compact cars if she plans on driving on the highway, and how they don't think they should be allowed to sell them because they are death traps.


  1. If she already bought it, what's done is done. Mind your own business. It just sounds like you're trying to rain on her parade.

  2. There's no winning, on the other hand we have soccer moms buying oversized suvs and then driving around like fucking idiots not even knowing the dimensions of their own vehicle.

    1. +1
      if you are going to buy a big vehicle know the dimensions. I drive a largeish sedan and I can get within a few inches of something and know that I won't hit it. Once got so close to my garage that I couldn't fit my finger between the license plate bolts and the door.

  3. you really cant find something more important to worry about? preferably in your own life? are you jealous she was able to get a new car? are you mad because she picked a shitty one? fuck outta here man