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Updated on Sunday, March 15


Does anybody know what it's like to be in a sorority/frat in waterloo?


  1. I didn't know UW had any.

  2. Its expensive and pretty pointless unless you're just looking for friends and need that structure to find them

  3. ^clearly this person knows nothing about greek life. It's been an amazing experience. I've never had any problems making friends. For me, joining a sorority was a way for me to meet other girls whom I shared similar interests with. Being a part of my sorority to me means having an amazing support system that I know will be with me through the bad and the good! Everyone is my sorority is ambitious, welcoming and we are more than just friends, we are sisters.

    1. Congratulations, that was the gayest thing I have read all day.

  4. Everyone I've spoken to about it has been painfully adamant that it was a great experience. I personally never felt I was lacking in other men to talk to at Waterloo though, and all their events are either really vanilla or pretty weird (having one woman at an event giving out stuff, I don;t know, I just saw pics on fb).

  5. It sounds and looks like a great experience for those in it (based on what I know from a highschool friend who's in one). However, they also have a lot of semi-formal parties (fundraiser, end of term, founding of the sorority celebration, etc.) where most girls seems to have gotten a new dress for each party.

    It looks like it's a great experience and good support system, but looks very much like you have to be able to manage your time -- and possibly be a bit more well off (eg. already have a bunch of really nice dresses or get more).