OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Sunday, March 15


QUESTION: Does anyone have experience dealing with hydro bill disputes?

I got charged over $700+ for two months for hydro when living by myself. There's just no way I would consume that much hydro.

I already know the customer rep is gonna say they're right, I'm wrong..but what further measures can I take? Who should I contact, etc?


  1. Ask them to re-read the meter. Look for any extra fees, like new customer fees and stuff like that which could add up.

  2. That's insane! With two people in a 3 bdrm apartment the max we ever did was $150 over two months and my roommate left a lot of things on during that time. Get them to recheck!

  3. Start by reading the bill carefully. Are they asking you to pay an unpaid bill from a previous tenant at the same address, or a security deposit, stuff like that?

  4. It sucks, you can get them to re-read the meter but most likely you are shit out of luck. I bet half of your bill is "delivery charges" too. Fucking moronic, i hope those assholes eat shit and die.

  5. OP, can you update us after you have everything figured out? Like the reason it was high, and if you were able to decrease it and how?