OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Sunday, March 15


Where on campus can I get a measurement of my body fat percentage (not BMI)?


  1. Sorry but if you have to ask... you're off the charts.

    1. Wrong. Not OP but I'd love to know the answer as well, and I'm a stone cold fox.

    2. Anyone who seriously cares about fitness would wonder what their real body fat percentage is. The built in ones for scales are never accurate, and only good for comparing to the same scale over time. If you are off the charts, you probably wouldn't care what it is exactly, you already know it is high. I bet OP is either some sort of bodybuilder/athlete, or slightly bulky and trying to lose weight and gain muscle.

  2. Just get some calipers and have a friend do it. They have the actual equipment in the kin labs but they're not going to let you use it lol.