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Updated on Thursday, March 12


When do you normally hear back from masters programs?


  1. it depends really on when you applied, which program you've applied to, and the school/departments themselves. I heard back at the end of January from one school and am still waiting to hear on two more in mid-March. Generally most schools say sometime in March or early April. First round offers have gone out for most competitive programs though (but again, differs hugely based on programs).

    If you google gradcafe, you can find a "results" board where people around the world write when they hear back from schools (rejection, waitlist, or acceptance). could be a better indication

  2. deadline to apply for one of my programs awhile back was march. They didnt get back to me till May

  3. Deadline for mine was end of January. I applied in April and got it about 2 weeks later :P

  4. Applied either late November or early December for Spring MSc, got my official acceptance a couple weeks ago. My supervisor told me I was in back in December though. He said he would make sure it got through the Faculty admissions, and he said that the University only checks for general grade and course requirements because it is the Faculty's responsibility to make sure the applicant is appropriate for the research being done.