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Updated on Thursday, March 12


QUESTION: I think the cheque UW sent me as my 50% tuition refund for dropping a course was sent back since I moved from my old address and hadn't updated my new one on Quest until now.

Does anyone know how I go about getting the cheque sent to my correct address since it was sent back already?

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  1. If it's for a course you dropped this term, it's possible that they haven't mailed it yet since the cheques are mailed in the 3rd month of the term:

    If it was for last term or you still don't get it in a few weeks try this form: and explain what happened. They can issue you a new cheque.

    I did this last Spring because my refund cheque never showed up (there's a street near mine with a similar name and I suspect there was a mixup, but since the cheque was never cashed, so they sent a new one and cancelled the old).